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Your muse finds mine lying on the floor; bleeding, bruised, with a bullet wound in their side; they’re dying. What does your muse do?

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Requested Fate fandom MBTI. This time with brief description, hehe. Sorry if it’s not perfect.

Go find yours if you haven’t here :

good luck when you get addicted to this.

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Geez, I just realized that heroine and hero (Ayaka and Shiro) are both NFPs, paired perfectly with their mirror cognitive, both two Sabers. Nasu make ideal pairings.

Since I am an INFP, that means according to Keirsey I am either a match for Arthur Saber, or Gil :)) what a jackpot.

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Dog Tags {Part 1/??}


Dated: March/April 2014

Pairing(s): None. Implications of Maisugu, but stays platonic.

Word Count: 2727

Pre-Grail War Maiya and Kiritsugu fic; of just after Maiya has been taken in by Kiritsugu, and now find themselves in an unnamed warzone, whilst Kiritsugu is still working as a mercenary, both of them rather young. Partially delves into Maiya’s history of abuse, Kiritsugu’s relationship with Maiya. Both Kiritsugu and Maiya’s POV.

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If you put a bullet through your head, would you still feel it - provided that it's an instant kill?


Providing it’s an instant kill, I won’t get into the topics—distance, type of gun, size of bullet, parts of the brain, etc—that would make this more complicated than necessary. I looked around online, and I have to say no. The brain would not have enough time to process pain before the bullet kills the person. Although there is still debate about this, signal for pain can travel anywhere from 0.5 m/s to 40 m/s depending on the nerve fiber. A common handgun, like a Glock 19 (with 9x19mm Parabellum), can shoot a bullet between 300 m/s and 400 m/s depending on the ammunition.

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Again, I’m terribly sorry for the long wait! tumblr, you butt.

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Tumblr may or may not be glitching again.


Sounds like it’s eating posts, so make sure to copy your paras from word or notepad or something in case it tries to eat your replies. 

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Miyu Edelfelt Icons


Quantity: 77

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☸ My muse makes hot chocolate for your muse.

Lightning flashes across the gray sky and is quickly followed by a clasping thunder. As time ticked forward, the clouds continued to grumble in dissatisfaction, was some Fay angry at another or did some idiot do something to the weather. In any case, it meant that he wouldn’t be able to go out, not unless he wanted to be struck down by some angry god, fay or something else entirely.

There are some people however who still stubbornly refuse to listen to common sense and still decide to go out. The person sitting in front of him was one of them.


{ For a tool, you’re not that sharp are ya’? 

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friendly reminder that even if i take ages to reply, i still want to roleplay with you

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Send me a “*” if you’d ship our characters [romantically/platonically] together.

Or want to.

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